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We follow a four stage recruitment process

  1. Planning: We invest a substantial amount of time in understanding in depth, our client’s exact needs. While our clients typically tend to start off by giving us a job description with a few key words, we refine the job description through a structured questioning process that our executives undertake with the clients. The outcome is a job description that clearly covers all expectations including skill sets, qualifications, maturity and attitude, compensation, career path etc.

  2. Sourcing: Our primary source of candidates is the vast library of profiles that we have built up. Our library consists of profiles that have been screened and selected . In addition we make extensive use of the repository of resume from our website as well as other job portals. For executive search, our primary source of profiles is the the premium resumes received from Senior Executives through our SAFE files. Our competitive edge not only lies in the library of resume that we have built up, but also in the proprietary in-house resume selection process that we adopt. We are emphatic that selecting the most appropriate profile from a large database is a highly specialized skill which distinguishes from a vast majority of our competitors who have access to the databases at paid job portals.

  3. Shortlisting: We present the selected candidates to the clients to arrive at a short list for interviews. We then co-ordinate with our clients and the candidates in conducting interviews.

  4. Conluding negotiations: Upon completion of interviews and final selection, often we see that we are required to mediate and negotiate the terms between the two parties. It is our experience that some great employer-employee combinations fail to materialise on account of minor requirements stipulated by one of the parties. We provide our opinion to both parties and actively work towards getting them to an agreement of terms .