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Our Services

Permanent Recruitment needs:

Recruitment for permanent vacancies is the core activity of Capricorn Solutions. In simple terms, we strive to find the right candidate matching the requirements of our clients in terms of qualification, skill sets, experience, attitude and maturity. Where we perhaps differ from our competitors is, that we also strive to match the candidate career aspirations and expectations about organizational environment, work ethic etc so as to ensure a long lasting relationship between the organization and the potential employee. To fulfill the latter part, we are very selective about the permanent recruitment assignments that we take on.

Large recruitment needs

This is a service tailored to meet the large recruitment needs that typically accompany a rapid expansion plan such a opening of a new branch of the retail business, a new service center, a new factory etc. The client typically needs to recruit a for a wide variety of roles, from an office assistant to a branch manager, with some roles in large numbers within a short time span. We provide a turnkey solution that most efficiently meets such large recruitment needs within the set time frame at a reasonable cost.

Executive Search

Following the lead given by some of our past clients, we are now building up a track record in executive recruitment. Executive search requires intimate knowledge and contacts in the industry to be effective. We have such expertise in selected industries to head-hunt senior executives in a discrete manner. Contact us to explore if we could help you with this.